The Henrys

The Henrys have emerged on the Australian music scene with a bang. Starting originally as a side project for members of brisbands rhubarb, dumpster and willard, The Henrys have quickly gained the attention of the media with their stunning debut ?She?s my Hallelujah?.

Musically the Henrys deliver a beautiful set of gentle pop, leaning heavily on strong vocal harmonies and the distinctive flavour of Ryan Williams flute and string accompaniments. It is easy to be transported with The Henrys but not lost.

The first single ?Stranger? has been picked up on several Radio Stations including 96.5FM (Brisbane) and has received great reviews from both critics and fans. The Henrys have spent the majority of the year crafting their debut release which they launched to a sell out crowd in Brisbane in November. A hectic live schedule is already planned for 2002.

The Henrys are:

Stephen Drinkall – guitar/ vocals/ percussion
Matt Griffith – guitars/ vocals
Ryan Williams – viola/ flute/ tin whistle/ piano
Jeff Jarrott – percussion/ clarinet